New Radnor Community Council 

2019 Annual Meeting held ....

At the meeting of the Community Council held on 9th May Cllr. Richard Harris was unanimously elected as Chairman for another year with Cllr. Jenny Hodge re-elected as Vice-Chairman.

Councillor representatives on other bodies were as follows -

New Radnor Community Centre Committee: Cllr. Williams

New Radnor Town Trust: Cllr. Hodge.

New Radnor Charities: Cllrs. Blackman and Dodman.

Radnor Valley School Governor: Cllr. Hodge.

Liaison Councillors, Radnor Ranges: Cllrs. Harris and Hodge.

Cornewall Lewis Memorial Liaison Councillor: Cllr. Blackman.

Village Website: Cllr. Blackman.

Playground Committee: Cllr. Cooper.

One Voice Wales (2): Cllrs. Hodge and Cooper.

Radnor Valley Resource and Amenity Centre/Community Hub: Cllr. Giordano.


Appointment to Areas of Special Interest for 2019/20: These were agreed as follows:

   Health                                                                          Cllr. Dodman

   Highways/Footpaths/Bridleways                                 Cllr. Dodman

   Planning                                                                      Cllr. Harris and Giordano

   Community Activities                                                  Cllr. Hodge

   Senior Citizens                                                            Cllr. Dodman and Cllr. Williams

   School/Young People                                                 Cllr. Harris and Cllr. Giordano

   Environment                                                                Cllr. Blackman

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