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Councillors' Financial Allowances

Until 2018-19 New Radnor Community Council did not pay financial allowances to its Members. From May, 2018, in line with the recommendations of the Independent Remuneration Panel, £150 per Member was been made available per year to cover the cost of general expenses - telephone, printing etc. Members can refuse this allowance and details of payments made will be published at the financial year end (31st March). From May 2019 the Council has a legal obligation to offer this allowance to its Members.

It does not pay any allowance to its Chairman.

Members may claim travel expenses for travel to an approved meeting/visit outside the Community Council area. Details of any payments are listed below.

Members may claim the reimbursement of reasonable care costs for a dependant whilst attending Council duties.

Payments made in 2018/19

All seven Members have declined to receive their £150 allowance. 

On travel payment was made  -

Cllr. J. Hodge   £22.50 (travel to One Voice Wales Meeting)


 Payments made in 2017/18

Cllr. J. Hodge £27.00 (travel to One Voice Wales meetings x 2)


Payments made in 2016/17

There were no payments made in 2016/17.


 Payments made in 2015/16

There were no payments made in 2015/16.


Payments made in 2014/15 were:

Cllr. M. Haines £13.50.

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