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10th February 2022

Meeting papers available 3rd February

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Meeting ID: 898 3707 4796 Passcode: 279381

Or Dial by your location 0131 460 1196 


10th March, 2022

Meeting Papers available 3rd March

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Meeting ID: 892 6916 9046 Passcode: 

Or Dial by your location 030 088 5830 United Kingdom 


14th April, 2022

Meeting papers available 7th April.

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Meeting ID: 869 2083 1350 Passcode: 634920

Or Dial by your location 0208 080 6591 

New Radnor CC Minutes 2022

Date Document
13-Jan-2022 January Draft Minutes

New Radnor CC Minutes 2021

Date Document
09-Dec-2021 December Minutes
03-Nov-2021 November Minutes
14-Oct-2021 October Minutes
09-Sep-2021 September Minutes
08-Jul-2021 July Minutes
10-Jun-2021 June Minutes
13-May-2021 May Minutes
08-Apr-2021 April Minutes
11-Mar-2021 March Minutes
11-Feb-2021 February Minutes
14-Jan-2021 January Minutes

New Radnor CC Minutes 2020

Date Document
10-Dec-2020 December Minutes
12-Nov-2020 November Minutes
08-Oct-2020 October Minutes
10-Sep-2020 September 2020
09-Jul-2020 July Minutes
11-Jun-2020 June Minutes
14-May-2020 May Minutes
12-Mar-2020 March Minutes
13-Feb-2020 February Minutes
09-Jan-2020 January Minutes

New Radnor CC Minutes 2019

Date Document
12-Dec-2019 December Minutes
14-Nov-2019 November Minutes
21-Oct-2019 October 21st Minutes
10-Oct-2019 October Minutes
12-Sep-2019 September Minutes
11-Jul-2019 July Minutes
13-Jun-2019 June Minutes
09-May-2019 May Minutes
11-Apr-2019 April Minutes
14-Mar-2019 March Minutes
07-Feb-2019 February Minutes
10-Jan-2019 10th January Minutes
03-Jan-2019 3rd January Minutes

New Radnor CC Minutes 2018

Date Document
06-Dec-2018 December Minutes
08-Nov-2018 November Minutes
11-Oct-2018 October Minutes
14-Sep-2018 September Minutes
12-Jul-2018 July Minutes
14-Jun-2018 June Minutes
10-May-2018 May Minutes
12-Apr-2018 April Minutes
08-Mar-2018 March Minutes
08-Feb-2018 February Minutes
11-Jan-2018 January Minutes

New Radnor CC Minutes 2017

Date Document
14-Dec-2017 December Minutes
09-Nov-2017 November Minutes
12-Oct-2017 October Minutes
14-Sep-2017 September Minutes
13-Jul-2017 July Minutes
08-Jun-2017 June Minutes
18-May-2017 May Minutes
13-Apr-2017 April Minutes
09-Mar-2017 March Minutes
09-Feb-2017 February Minutes
12-Jan-2017 January Minutes

New Radnor CC Minutes 2016

Date Document
08-Dec-2016 December Minutes
10-Nov-2016 November Minutes
13-Oct-2016 October Minutes
08-Sep-2016 September Minutes
14-Jul-2016 July Minutes
09-Jun-2016 June Minutes
12-May-2016 May Minutes
14-Apr-2016 April Minutes
10-Mar-2016 March Minutes
11-Feb-2016 February Minutes
08-Jan-2016 January Minutes

New Radnor CC Minutes 2015

Date Document
10-Dec-2015 December Minutes
12-Nov-2015 November Minutes
08-Oct-2015 October Minutes
10-Sep-2015 September Minutes
09-Jul-2015 July Minutes
11-Jun-2015 June Minutes
14-May-2015 May Minutes
09-Apr-2015 April Minutes
05-Mar-2015 March Minutes
12-Feb-2015 February Minutes
08-Jan-2015 January Minutes

New Radnor CC Minutes 2014

Date Document
11-Dec-2014 December Minutes
13-Nov-2014 November Minutes
09-Oct-2014 October Minutes
11-Sep-2014 September Minutes
10-Jul-2014 July Minutes
12-Jun-2014 June Minutes
08-May-2014 May Minutes
11-Apr-2014 April Minutes
13-Mar-2014 March Minutes
13-Feb-2014 February Minutes
09-Jan-2014 January Minutes

New Radnor CC Minutes 2013

Date Document
11-Jul-2013 July Minutes
13-Jun-2013 June Minutes
14-Mar-2013 March Minutes
10-Jan-2013 January Minutes
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